Poljakoff Modell D / small jumbo

This nice small jumbo is fully build from non tropical wood. We used 3000 years old Bog Oak for the back&sides, bearclaw italian spruce top and a black stained maple neck. Beside the back&sides the Bog Oak is also used for the bridge and the fingerboard. For the back we developed a double X-bracing in combination with the Bog Oak. The guitar features a ceramic rosette and ceramic overlays on the headstock as well as one of our unique chip carving pattern on the headstock.

The pickguard is another special. It is attached to our raised fingerboard and floats above the soundboard. Nothing is touching the soundboard and stopping it from vibrating. The pickguard is made from carbon fiber and has a Bog Oak overlay.

Poljakoff Modell 1 / OM

This guitar is built from Spanish cypress for the back&sides. It features our chip carving pattern in the rosette, the endblock inlay and on the head stock. The chip carving is carefully cut into the wood with a chisel or knife and then stained black. The bridge and the fingerboard are made from Bog Oak.

The neck is made from a nice piece of maple. Also for the internal wood (front block, end block, bridge plate) maple is used. All other braces are made from high quality Italian spruce. Since we are totally convinced that shellac is the first choice to get the best sound out of an instrument, both guitars have a full body french polish.