Crossover Guitar


Our crossover model originates from the design of our concert guitar model. So it's sound inspired by guitar makers like Antonio Torres and Hermann Hauser. Based on her work, the soundboard has a sevenfold fan performance. The crossbeam below the sound hole is tunneled.


Unlike the classical guitar, this model features a cutaway, a raised fingerboard, a narrow upper caliper and a radius on the fingerboard. All this facilitates the playability and accessibility of the frets.


On request we can use a pickup.




We would describe the sound of the crossover as clear and defined. Treble and bass are balanced and harmonize with each other across all frets. Especially through the raised fretboard our guitars gain momentum. The steeper angle of the strings to the soundboard helps to better transfer the vibrational energy of the strings to the soundboard. The sound can unfold more freely.