Steelstring guitars

Our steel string guitars are recognizable by the strikingly arched headstock, which has established itself over time as a trademark. It is not only a design feature, but makes it easier for the player to operate the mechanics.

Each of our steel string guitars comes with a modified X-brace, raised fingerboard, perfectly tailored frets and intonation.

The increased fingerboard and thus the steeper angle of the strings to the soundboard, helps to transfer the vibrational energy of the strings better to the soundboard. This promotes the dynamics and the sound can develop more freely.

The sound of our steel string guitars is open, clear and balanced over the entire fingerboard, with a subtle response that does not lose its sharpness even when played harder.


Modell 1 - OM

Modell D - Small Jumbo


Modell E  - Slope Shoulder


Modell B - OOO